Live view
  • Enriched and user -friendly user interface to view video from numerous different recorders from a single point.
  • It supports SNAPPY, MXHELIX, HIKVISION, DAHUA, UNIVIEW, ONVIF supported brand NVR’s, DVR’s & IPC.
  • Supports H265 codec format.
  • Spot out options for playing multiple live view in secondary monitors.
  • Drag & Drop play of recorders & cameras.
  • Snapshot & Triple snapshot of the live incidents.
  • Full Screen Mode and Instant playback mode.
  • Camera Swapping by drag & drop options.
  • Toggle – Switch between 1,4,9,16 views based on the user settings.
  • Auto switch to mainstream when switched to single view helps to maintain a high quality resolution in single view.
  • Previous / Next View options for the connected cameras.
  • Plays the recorded video of any supported recorder at single time.
  • Playback customization (1,4,9,16).
  • Fully supported playback operations
    • Pause
    • Resume
    • Fast
    • Slow
    • play
  • Synchronized playback operations for playing videos.
  • Snapshot of recorded videos.
  • Download of supported recorder’s recorded files in simple click.
Event & alarm management
  • Support to various recorder alarm types like
    • Recorder Online / Offline.
    • Motion Detection.
    • Video Loss / Reconnect.
    • HDD Full / Restore.
    • HDD Error / Restore.
    • Tamper Alarm / Restore etc were supported.
  • Can configure the alarm to be shown as Alarm or Event.
  • Can Configure whether to Show notification POPUP when alarm arises which makes more awareness to the user.
Alarm & history
  • Live alarm update from recorders.
  • Can see all history of alarm & events with simple & advanced search options.
  • Alert notifications through SMS & Email.
  • Effective audit log maintenance to keep track of the setting changes done in the application.
  • Web service Log to keep track of alarms sent to the connected web service.
Recording server
  • Record video, audio and alarm from devices.
  • Provide operators with access to live and recorded video.
  • Recording Server is designed for large-scale video surveillance deployments.
  • Alert status monitoring through Operator client.
  • Supports recording of H264, H265, MJPEG and MJPEG-4 streams.
  • Recording mode include scheduled and continuous Recordings.
NTP settings
  • NTP Settings for the time to be synchronized in all the Recorders & VMS.
  • One can choose the time can be synchronized with centralized NTP server or the VMS system.
  • The NTP settings will be applied to all the recorders to Sync with the configured NTP Server.
Application user management
  • Effective user management with Add, Edit, Delete operations.
  • Manage user role with privileges.
Snapshot log
  • Can see the snapshot taken using the application in single place.
  • Live, Recorder playback, Backup Log wise search.
Backup log
  • Can see all the downloaded records from the application in single place.
  • Can take snapshot of playing videos.
Client viewer
  • Can Enable or Disable the toggle by camera with configurable time interval for toggling.
  • Configurable Snapshot path.
  • Auto play the videos on login without wait for the user to choose the camera & recorders based on the configured settings.
Auto login & auto start
  • Auto Start of applications during the PC start.
  • Automatically Login & starts application based on the settings configured which makes the application starts to run without waiting for authentication from user using UI.
Camera grouping
  • Group the selected cameras from selected recorders.
  • See the Selected camera from different camera in Group View.
  • All Live View features are also available in Group View.