Automatic Number Plate Recognition
ANPR Features
  • Can capture number plates of the vehicle at the speed of 200 km.
  • Recognize plate color, font color, plate type and country.
  • Integrate with police CMS.
  • Camera wise licensing system & maximum 16 camera support.
  • 5000+ installations in United Arab Emirates.
ANPR Parking System
  • Provide photographic evidence, time stamped of arrival and departure.
  • Monitor and prevent misuse of disabled parking.
  • Be supplemented by wardens if you desire, who are able to focus on any specific parking issues you have.
  • Incorporate a 20 minute grace period above the time limit on your signage.
  • Allow staff to register vehicles for longer than the time limit allowed if required.
  • Operate a ‘One Chance’ system, so a PCN is only issued in response to a second offence.
ANPR Applications
  • Police – Speed and motoring offences, tax violations, insurance etc.
  • Retail – Car parks, parking monitoring, traffic flow, violations.
  • Councils – Car parks, public areas, bus lanes, emergency vehicle areas.
  • Hospitals – Visitor Parking, acute areas, ambulances, traffic flow.
  • Airports – Car parks, traffic flow, offences, congestion control.
  • Private Individuals – Estates, homes, tracking and recording of vehicle movements, offences.
  • Public / Private Roads – Motoring offences, congestion, speeding, disabled parking.
  • Motorways – Speeding, audits, congestion, offences, restricted areas, maintenance.