Model : HWR-CH5913-S5
vehicle-nvr vehicle-nvr
Model : PK53
Model : PK53
Main Functions
Video Subsystem :
Video channel 8 channels, 1 to 8 video channels, 8 audio channels
Resolution Support 8 channels 1080P, 720P, D1, CIF, etc.
Picture quality Multiple levels are optional
OSD Various characters can be superimposed, such as date and time and channel ID etc
Loop recording Support HDD/SD card loop recording and loop coverage
Video mode Support boot recording, timing recording, alarm trigger recording
Preview Support single screen and multi screen
Playback Subsystem :
Video search Supports search at any time within a certain day and multiple search types are supported
  • Support multi-channel comparison playback
  • Support fast forward and fast rewind, respectively supporting 2, 4, 8, 16 times speed optional
  • Support alarm point search and time point search
Graphical interface Support configuration of various parameters through the remote control
Other :
Power ON/OFF
  • Support delay power on/off
  • Support car key power on/off and time power on/off machine
OSEmbedded Linux
System languageEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese & other (customizable)
Video compression formatH.265/H.264 compression format
OSDCharacter superposition function, support time and date, vehicle ID and other information image superposition
Graphic interface System parameters can be set through external display and remote control operation
Video and recording system :
Video input 8CH video inputs (aviation plug interface), 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Video output 1CH mixed video output, 1CH VGA output, 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω
Preview function Single-channel or multi-screen splicing preview, support manual/event trigger full-screen display function
Video resolution Supports 1080P/720P/D1/CIF optional, and the maximum can support 6 channels 1080P 20fps
Record mode Default automatic recording, support ACC recording, manual recording, alarm recording etc.
Audio :
Audio input 8CH, aviation plug
Audio output 1CH, aviation plug
Format G.711a compression format, Rate 40KB/s
Alarm :
I/O input 8CH I/O inputs, with alarm linkage function
I/O output 2CH I/O output
Serial Port :
RS233 2 x RS232
RS485 1 x RS485
Network :
4G Support built-in 4G function
WiFi HWR-CH5913-S5 Support WiFi function
PositioningSupport built-in GPS/BD(GPS/GLONASS) module
USBSupport 1 x USB interfaceSupport 1 x USB interface
SensorSupport G-SENSOR acceleration sensor
Video Storage :
HDD/SSD Support 1x2.5inch HDD/SSD, loop recording
SD card Maximum support 1x512G SD card, loop recording
File format H.265/H.264
Video Playback :
Video search Search for recording video files by recording time, recording mode etc.
Playback Support multi-channel synchronous playback, support fast forward and fast reverse, support 2, 4, 8, 16 times speed optional
Upgrade :
Firmware upgrade Support Hard disk and SD Card Upgrade, Support Network upgrade
Power :
Power management Adaptive wide power Voltage input, with protection functions such as overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, and reverse connection; Support timing power on/off , delayed power on/off function
Input voltage DC:8 ~ 36V
Consumption Normal work maximum:5W,standby:0.5W
Working Environment :
Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Humidity 20% to 80%
Safety :
Password access Two-level management of user password and administrator password
This series of products is a fully functional Hard Disk Driver 4G mobile DVR designed for the mobile surveillance market. Support wide power voltage input, maximum support 2TB HDD+ 512G SD card video recording; Use professional and reliable aviation plug connector; High appearance, enough materials, good heat dissipation; The device has powerful functions, rich interfaces and low power consumption; Simple installation, easy operation and extremely stable; Widely used in passenger Coach, buses, taxis, school buses, logistics vehicles, dangerous goods vehicles, sedan cars, ships etc.
The detailed features are as follows:
  • Industrial design, stable and reliable, easy to install.
  • Video adopts the international mainstream H.265 encoding format and the audio adopts G711a encoding. It can support up to 8 channels of 1080P 15fps.
  • Professional vehicle power supply, can adapt to 8 to 36V ultra-wide voltage input, with multiple protection circuits such as overload/short circuit/reverse connection.
  • Highly reliable aviation plug input and output interface, easy to install and plug and stronger vandal-proof performance.
  • Support 8 channels of video and audio input, frame rate and image quality are adjustable.
  • Support 1x2.5inch HDD/SSD +1x512GB SD Card Storage.
  • Built-in farad capacitor. The video content has power-off protection function.
  • Support video loss alarm function.
  • Independent delay power shutdown, can support the system to continue running after the vehicle is turned off, the delay time can be set by yourself.
  • Supporting CMS client plaftorm, providing multiple functions such as playback, analysis, management etc.
  • Support SD card and U disk to upgrade firmware, support network remote firmware upgrade.
  • Support 8 x IO alarm input, 2 x IO alarm output.
  • Support 2 x RS232 and 1 x RS485 interface.
  • Support 4G, GPS.
  • HWR-CH5913-S5 Support WiFi function.