Model : SE-9011
Model : PK53
Model : PK53
Communication Via GPRSTCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol
Working Voltage DC/12V ± 10%
Static Current <65mA
Working Current <80mA
Applicable Humidity 45%~95%
GSM Frequency Band E-GSM/GPRS 900/1800MH
Sending Power 2W /GSM900, 1W /GSM1800
Dimensions (L.W.H)12.8cmx9.5cmx2.8cm
Applicable Temperature 4~60℃
  • TCP/IP based, can communicate with RING-TIP terminal of alarm panel then transmit alarm and system information through GPRS or LAN/WAN network to CMS software. (Programmable for GPRS alarm first and LAN/WAN as backup or reverse or both)
  • The alarm panel must support standard ADEMCO 4+2 & Contact ID protocol.
  • Two IP address and two user account, can report to two different CMS. (Fixed IP or domain name are optional)
  • With telephone line fault monitoring function, can report to CMS.
  • With 3 extension zones and 2 relay which can be controlled by CMS software.
  • With SMS backup alarm function.
  • Can storage and inquiry 180 alarm records.
  • Working voltage 12V/DC
  • Can support PPPoE dial-up or DHCP auto dispatch or fixed IP address, when choosing LAN/WAN network.